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Forever Young Makeup is run and owned by professional makeup artist Sacha D. Young. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry and certified in Hollywood, CA in 2008, she is dedicated to making you look and feel your most beautiful self.

From a very early age, Sacha was interested in art and knew she wanted to work in a creative field. One of her role models that she looked up to as a a little girl was her babysitter who was a professional painter. It wasn't till she fell into one of her first jobs in Montreal as a Cosmetician that she learned that makeup was a form of art and that faces were her canvases. She quickly loved making her clients feel good about themselves, by enhancing their natural beauty, that she decided to pursue a career into makeup artistry.

After living in Montreal for almost 10 years working with some major cosmetic companies and freelancing throughout the city, she landed a full time job in Hudson, QC where she worked as the Head Cosmetician at the local Pharmacy for 5 years. After her second maternity leave, she didn't return to the pharmacy and she went on to pursue her dream and that's when Forever Young Makeup was created in 2019. A year later she has created a small line of cruelty free and vegan cosmetics to offer in addition to her services to her clients.

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